“The South wants justice, has waited for it long. She will wait no longer” – John Wilkes Booth

It was a night that changed the history of a nation forever. Journey back in time with your guide to learn about the three-pronged attack designed to decapitate the U.S. Government. Shrouded in mystery, intrigue and conspiracy, the assassination of the 16th U.S. president has fascinated Americans and foreigners for 150 years.


  • White House.
  • Lafayette Square.
  • Site of William Seward’s Home.
  • Site of Vice President Johnson’s Hotel.
  • U.S. Treasury Building.
  • Willard Hotel.
  • National Theatre.
  • Star Saloon.
  • Ford’s Theatre.
  • Peterson Boarding House.
  • Baptist Alley.

     *Please note that we do not enter any buildings on this tour. If you wish to enter the Ford’s Theatre, we can try but not guarantee it. The Ford Theatre entry costs USD 3 per person and adds 45-60 mins to the end of the tour.


Tour information

Cost: USD 395/ group

Group Size: 1 to 6 guests

Reservations: Email us at info@visitdctours.com for reservations.

Duration: Tour lasts approx. 2 hours.

Pick Up/ Drop off: Please contact us for pick up/drop off availability.

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