When the sun goes down, Washington DC is a different place altogether, perfect for night photographers and tourists.

This highly engaging National Mall tour is a classic Washington walk. See the glorious sights of Washington DC and the National Mall, fondly nicknamed as “America’s front yard”, where the past, present and future blend at night-time.

On this tour, we will walk you through the heart of the National Mall to show you the iconic monuments-entertaining and guiding you, your friends and family with stories and hidden secrets from the past. You will get up close to a fine selection of DC’s famous memorials and monuments that features the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. There is something for everyone- modern sculptures, history insights, haunting remembrances of war and neoclassical architectures. As we approach each site, our highly-experienced guide will set the scene and you will hear stories that reveal how fraught the memorial making process can be! The memorials tell you the lives of the men and women from America’s past. You will be awed with the stories as you witness and visit memorials to World War II, the Korean and the Vietnam wars.

You will be treated to many photo opportunities along the way, so keep your cameras and phones handy!


• Washington Monument (no entry).

• White House*.

• WWII Memorial.

• Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

• Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

• Korean War Veterans Memorial.

• Lincoln Memorial.

*Sights we cover from a distance as they are not on the National Mall.

Tour information

Cost: USD 395/ group.

Group Size: 1 to 6 guests.

Reservations: Email us at info@visitdctours.com for reservations.

Duration: Tour lasts approx. 3 hours. Total walking is just over one mile (1,6km).

Pick Up/ Drop off: Please contact us for pick up/drop off availability.

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