The White House is the most prominent location in the United States for several reasons: political, historical, cultural, and beyond. Every day, current and past events from the White House are relayed worldwide. Despite all the news that comes from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue daily, one key aspect consistently goes overlooked: The White House is haunted.

A ghost tour in Washington DC cannot be at a better location, other than White House, Lafayette Square. There have been a few violent deaths in the vicinity of this ‘Tragedy Square.’

Our historian guides tell you stories and walk you through:

  • Murder of Philip Barton Key
  • Admiral Decatur’s Duel
  • Dolley Madison’s Haunted House
  • The Ghosts of the White House
  • Haunted Hay Adams Hotel
  • and so much more…

*Please note that we do not enter the buildings on this tour.

Tour information

Cost: USD 295/ group

Group Size: 1 to 12 guests

Reservations: Email us at for reservations.

Duration: Tour lasts approx. 2 hours.

Pick Up/ Drop off: Please contact us for pick up/drop off availability. Available for an extra charge

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